Risk Disclaimer

This Risk Disclaimer should be read in conjunction with the Company's Terms and Conditions
1. Introduction

This disclaimer aims to warn the Clients about the risks that may appear while performing financing activities on this Website. All terms in this disclaimer are the same as determined in the Terms and Conditions. All clients and potential clients must read the following disclaimer of the risks before registering and before opening trades. However, the Company acknowledges noting that this document does not contain or reveal all trading risks. This warning is informative, and its purpose is to explain direct terms and the essence of the dangers connected with trading.

2. Risks

Trading is an extremely unsafe and risky activity. It is only suitable for investors who fall into the following categories:

  1. those who understand and are willing to consider the economic, legal, and other risks;
  2. those who take into account their financial situation, financial resources, and life obligations, and who can afford the risk of losing the invested amounts;
  3. those who have the proper knowledge to understand what is trading.

The Company does not grant the Client any advice or suggestions regarding trading and does not give financial advice of any kind. The Clients will need to choose trading strategies based on their knowledge of the market or the consultations obtained from independent and not affiliated with the Company business advisors.

Some of these risks include:

  1. Volatility - the price of the assets or underlying assets could be variable and unpredictable. This fact has an important impact on the financial returns of the Client. Knowledge about market volatility allows the Client to investigate potential profits and to generate proper trading strategies.
  2. Market fluctuations - sudden changes in the price of an underlying asset from one level to another. Many factors can lead to sharp changes (for example, economic events or important announcements). The appearance of such factors is possible either in the open market or sheltered one. When these factors happen on a sheltered market, the asset's price at the market's opening after revealing such aspects may drastically differ from the underlying asset's price when the market is closing. In such a case, there could be a possibility when you can't close your open position at the most desirable price. Such a situation can lead to huge losses as well as significant profits.
  3. Liquidity - Any asset's value may depend on several circumstances, including changes in supply and demand, political, farming, industrial and business programs and strategies, national and international political and economic issues, and psychological reaction in the corresponding market. Market conditions can change considerably in a concise time period, and consequently, under certain market conditions, it may be difficult for the Client to get the predicted gain.
3. Duties and taxes

The Company does not guarantee that the Client's trading operations are not subject to taxation or will not become it in the future. The Client is individually responsible for payment of any taxes and/or any other fees charged in respect of their transactions.

The Client is informed that the prices regarding trading assets are set for a particular site and may differ from elsewhere' prices. The trading prices of the Company are the prices at which the Company allows buying or selling assets on a particular site at a definite period of time. Perse, they may not correspond to the prices in real-time on the market at the moment when the Client buys or sells assets.

4. Third-party risks

The Company is not responsible for any action or inaction of any third party through which it will be transferred the money either aimed by the Client to replenish the current account on the Website or during withdrawal from the Website.

5. Technical risks

The Company is not liable for monetary losses generated by failure, malfunction, delay, disabling, or malicious acts of third parties regarding communication networks, power lines, electronic or other systems.

Electronic communications used by a client to access the trading platform are subjected to risks connected with the networks, including failure of hardware, software, servers, communication lines, and the Internet's problems. The result of any such failure may be that any order may be executed not according to the instructions. The Company shall bear no responsibility in the case of such failure.

The Company bears no responsibility for unauthorized third-party access to information, including e-mails, electronic communications, and personal data, access to data, which occur during data transferring between the Company or any other party, using the Internet or other communication networks, phone or any other electronic means. The Client admits that the information openly sent by e-mail is not protected against unauthorized access by third parties.

The Client realizes that the Internet may be subject to events that may affect their access to the Company's Website, including but not limited to delays or disconnection, software and hardware failures, Internet disconnection, power failure, or hacker attacks. The Company is not liable for any accidents or losses resulting from such kind of events, which are beyond its control or for any other losses, expenses, liabilities (including, but not limited to, loss of profits), which may occur as a result of the Client's inability to access to the Company's Website or delay or failure in sending orders.

The Client is warned that while buying or selling assets on the electronic platform, they assume the risk of financial losses that may result from, among other things:

Failure of the devices, the Client's software breakdown, and low quality of the Client's communication line; Failure of the devices, the Company's software breakdown. In connection with using computers and data and voice networks, the Client has the following risks, among other risks, when the Company has no liability for damages caused by the Client's hardware malfunction, power cut and/or equipment shutdown on the Client's side or on the side of a Client's service provider (including voice communication); Physical damage (or destruction) of communication lines used for connection between the Client's provider and a supplier (communications provider) and the Client's server; Shutdown of channeling (with unacceptably low quality) used by the Client, or the channels used by the supplier or service provider (including voice communication) which are used by the Client; Using of communication channels, hardware and software, which create the risk of late messages receiving (including text messages) by the Client from the Company;Switching off the connection through the channels (with unacceptably low quality) used by the Company, in particular, physical damage (destruction) of communication channels by third parties.

6. Consulting service and recommendations

The Company will not provide the Client any instructions regarding transaction profitability or provide investment advisory assistance in any form, apart from giving the information about the financial market's current state. The Client acknowledges that all the services do not include consultations for any trading investments. The Client will make transactions at their own risk and make appropriate decisions based on their own experience. By sending orders to the Company to perform a transaction, the Client agrees that it is solely responsible for their own independent evaluation and analysis of the particular transaction risks. The Client confirms that he has enough knowledge of the market, has received, if necessary, professional consultations, and has the appropriate experience to make their own evaluation of the merits and risks of any transaction.

The Company will not provide the Client with any legal, fiscal, or other pieces of advice in relation to any transaction. The Client should seek independent recommendations if they doubt whether they can take upon any tax burdens.

From time to time and at its own discretion, the Company may provide the Client with information, recommendations, news, comments, or other market information for its reference. In case this happens:

The Company shall bear no responsibility for such information; The Company does not guarantee as for the accuracy, correctness, and completeness of such information; This information is provided solely for the Client to make it's own investment decisions and cannot be treated as investment advice; If the document has a restriction in respect of a person or category of persons for whom this document is intended or is applied, the Client agrees that it will not pass this information to such persons or category of persons; The Company does not guarantee that the Client will be informed before the time when such information will no longer be relevant. The Client shall decide on its own regarding the usage of the received information while making decisions.

The information posted by the Company may be altered or deleted without prior notice to the Client at any time.

7. No profit guarantee

The Company does not guarantee any profit or any loss while trading. The Client will not receive any of such guarantees from the Company or any of its representatives in the future. The Client is aware of the integral risks of trading and can financially bear such risks and withstand any losses.

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