Withdrawal funds policy

This Withdrawal Policy should be read in conjunction with the Company's Terms and Conditions

The Client must verify their account with the Company's policies before making a withdrawal request.


The Client has to submit an inquire from their profile to request a withdrawal. To complete the inquiry, the Client has to choose any of the list's withdrawal methods and fill in all necessary details.


After a withdrawal request is made, it changes the status to "Requested". After the request comes to process, it changes the status to "In process". After receiving the status "In process", funds are not moved from the balance and the user can continue to trade on the platform. Funds will be transferred to the payment system wallet after a request changes the status to "Processed".


Withdrawal inquiries processed by the financial department of the Company one by one. Processing time may be up to 5 business days. The Company has the right to refuse the Client's withdrawal request if the bank details for withdrawal and depositing are different. The Company reserves the right to deny the Client in withdrawing the funds, in case the application for withdrawal contains payment details of the third parties.


Withdrawal can be processed on the personal details, used to deposit only. According to Client's options, if there is no technical possibility to withdraw funds to the payment system account used to deposit, a method will be chosen by the Company. In such a case, payment details should be similar to the Client's details.


Please pay attention to your balance when you request a withdrawal and continue trading. It is important to keep a sufficient amount for withdrawal. The Company will refuse to pay off your money if you apply for withdrawal and lose money afterward.


The Client takes full responsibility for the information they provide to the Company at the withdrawal inquiry.


8. Withdrawal limits are applied to all Clients. If the Client deposits from a bank card, then withdrawals should be made to this bank card in the amounts not exceeding the amount deposited within 90 calendar days from the day of the last deposit. The minimum amount for withdrawal is 2$, maximum: 5000$ at a time.

Please note that you can always withdraw your profits to e-wallets (e.g., Skrill, Neteller) WITHOUT ANY LIMITS and receive all money within one day. It is the fastest method to get your money.

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